Oct 26, 2011


I'm not dead.

Oct 15, 2011

Sexy Things To Do Sexy Things With... SEXY

Some items of sexual interest that you might want to know about:BOW TIES! That's right, wearing these material concoctions will instantly increase your boner capabilities! Think of all the underground wood you will create if you don these things! Sexy power person! Sexy Lawyer! Sexy fashion designer! GOD! The possibility of sexy is endless!
(ALSO ALBER ELBAZ IS A STUD. A beautiful, beautiful, beautiful stud that drapes like no ones business!)

If you're MIKA, you are sexy. Sorry other people, this really only extends to him... BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!

Some sexy Jeffery Campbell wedges! (STILL NOT OVER THE SEXY GRANDMA PATTERN! I WANT TO WEAR A COUCH ON MY FEET, OKAY!) And let’s not even get started on these astro galaxy fantasias! It's like a spaceman took some fun filled photos on his Polaroid camera up in space and made them into shoes. STUDLY.

Grey hair on younging's is SEXY! Period.

Oct 12, 2011

GURL! YEAH YOU GURL! It's cold...

My baby Jesus mother winter is coming early this year! What is a style outsider do to? (I mean come on sweaters, SO mainstream!) My go-to winter outfit is a coat... BELTED! Ground breaking, I know. However, if you really want to add some outsider-ness into your look get a bejweled sweeter! Preferably one from the 80's! The sex appeal! Instant boner right there. (The boner will defiantly intensify if you have the jewels on your chest area... OKAY boobs! Happy? Jeez! You're so demanding your perverted interwebz monsters.)

This photo reads, "My baby Jesus, it's cold in this room! 80 degrees? FREEZING! Better cover myself up in a thrifted coat!" It also reads, "JEEZ DOES THIS KID EVER CLEAN HIS ROOM?" The answer to that question is no. NEVER! NEVER I SAY!

Ya like those man boobs? WELL YOU SHOULDN'T! I'm underage! You wonderful pedophile you, (so going to lose all my readers after this post)

Some fun details for you to feast your fashion starved eyes on! DETAIL ORGY RIGHT HERE!

My mom's reaction to my fun loving shoe choice:
"Yes mumzy?"
"Cowboy boots do not work with that outfit!"
"But mom! I need to recreate brokeback mountain!"
"Sigh... Whatever, get out of here you badazled homosexual genie."
Even more schmexy detail orgys. Look at all those sparkles... SPARKLES!

P.s all thrifted items.

Oct 8, 2011

Erik Likes Sarcasm

Warning: Erik has not slept in twenty four hours= terrible humor.

What have we learned from these videos? Well okay,
firstly WEED (or Mary Jane if your a fancy person) will cause incest!!!!!!!! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! Also... don't drive high! Yep, protecting the young. Go me.
Unicornx2, yeah that's right, i'm making words to count with! What? You don't do that, oh... Well you should! Building ramps will cause homosexuality.... SEXY! Ya know you want to get your best mate and make some sweet same-sex love!
Thirdly , dancing causes steamy hot make out sessions! (wait till the end to see their fun filled lip-locking session. Or you can skip to that part... BUT THEN YOU'D BE CHEATING YOU POOP!) Ya hear that you sexually frustrated teenagers, get your CRUSH to dance with you and boom! BABIES! Fun.
Fourthly, Beyonce is preggers! But then she's not... REVERSED PREGNANCY IS ONLY POSSIBLE IN NEON COLORS!
Fifthly, Cholas once ran for president... YOU GO GURLS! YOU WEAR THAT SEXY WHITE EYE LINER!
Goodnight lovely interwebers, and mom.

Oct 5, 2011


Haider Ackermann... Haider Ackermann... HAIDER ACKERMANN.... Omg stop being so damn studly you columbian hunk! JEEZ! It's like you want me to spend my piggy bank money on your clothes, because that's what i'm going to have to do! I mean have you seen this collection!? It's like a sexy lady meets a sexy creeper meets a sexy make shift grandma who meets a panda who falls in love with a whale and produces a mermaid! I'm really sorry you had to read that...
I can't really describe my feelings right now, at first I cried, then I cried some more. After that tear session I got some Cheetos and viewed again, (more tears ensued). There's something so beautiful and simple about Haider, (AKA god of my world at the moment) that is just BREATHTAKING! Maybe it's the fact that his clothes are made with such emotion... I don't know... I'M IN LOVE OKAY! Don't judge!

Oct 2, 2011

Warning: Serious-ness lies ahead

If you believed that title you don't now me well! Anydittle I have found my future husband, someone who will care for me and tell me I have great legs. He'll also serenade my feet with passionate love and desire. If you haven't guessed it yet, my new husband is:

(Yes, the heart was necessary.)
These shoes scream "SEXY GRANDMA GONE WILD!" This grandma was so wild in fact that she decided to destroy her old lady couch and make it into a shoe. RADICAL! On a 1-panda moment (panda moment: A moment that's as cute as panda) This gets a full blown PANDA MOMENT!

Sep 30, 2011

Frida Giannini is obviously my home gurl

Hi, I'm The Style Outsider, you my readers i.e Mom might not know this but i'm sixteen, (mom i hope you know i'm sixteen) so as such my source of income is the money behind our family's living room couch. Penney love anyone?
Anydittle, due to this fact my clothing budget does not have enough coins to support a purchase from this seasons Gucci collection... BUT MAYBE YOU LOVELY READERS COULD BUY SOME STUFF AND SEND ME PICTURES SO I CAN FEEL JEALOUS? (Not product placement, I swear! Really. I just like living vicariously through people on the internet.)
This season, Gucci's head designer, Frida Giannini decided that art deco was the happening thing and created a collection that was simply drop dead gorgeous. But not even that, it was more like what happens when a panda runs away from a zoo and goes to New York and becomes president of the world! You know? Yep. Of course you do! You think about these things all the time.

Don't ya just love Style.Com's detail's section? Cause gurl, ya kow I do! Oh Lawdy!

Sep 29, 2011

Gareth Pugh and I are in a steamy hot love affair

But no seriously. Have you ever wanted to date a designer? Like, not in the nice friendly way but more in like the Yo-dawg-lets-have-hot-steamy-love kinda way? Well if not... Um... Ummmm.... Okay moving on, Gareth Pugh's(GOD's) spring 2012 collection is like sex. Sometimes it causes diseases, but it's fun up until that point! And continuing with that sex analogy this collection screams desperate hoe. The hoe being me, and the men who I do nasty things to are the clothes. (I HOPE GP, oh yeah abbreviating, NEVER READS THIS!)
Maybe it's not as dramatic before, (unless you count the fact that these girls strutted their stuff with their FREAKING boob's and vagina's showing, under the leather rib working of course) but it's still quentisetial Gareth Pugh. His girl, a glamazon with a dark warrior edge always inspires, sometimes confuses, but without fail provides a constant source of inspiration. Gotta be honest, I have a little man boner for Gareth Pugh and his clothes. ESSPECIALLY HIS SHOES! OH GOD THESE SEXY SHOES!

If it wasn't for my non-existent source of income I would without a doubt buy these sex mongers. My feet would be having serious toe gasms if I wore them.
And lastly, for the girl (and me) who can't wear this outfit,

due to the nudity 'issue' I think the best bet would be to combine, and bear with me a black button down. The contrast between the super charged Beyonce warrior and the masculinity of a simple button down would be striking! Or ugly... Who knows!
Goodnight interwebz.

Sep 11, 2011

Guess Where I've Been

Besides the obvious, (IN FRONT OF THE TV WATCHING RACHEL ZOE, DUH!) I spent last weekend frolicking in the land of the fashionable, I.e FASHION FUCKING WEEK! OH MY GOD! but no really, the style outsider, in true outsider fashion decided that at fourteen, an old age for a fashionista, that it was time for fashion week. So two years later, and four seasons in I can say that fashion just keeps on getting... Chifonier?
The fashion shows I attended, (Jill Stuart, HONOR which really should be renamed to OHMYGODWHATISTHISSEXYNESSJESUS, and ADAM, which also should be renamed to ADAM LIPPES LET ME HAVE YOUR BABIES, and many more) were filled with chiffon, silk, pastels, and blown up granny florals that were reminiscent of an axe-murdering grandmother. Sexy. I love me some wrinkly ladie boners. And this was only at the tents!
Over in the land of Milk Studios the worlds youth bumped rears with fashion and it really shows. I want you to imagine neons, LOTS OF NEONS, in fact the number of neons present for the modern women is equal to the amount of scarves I have. Hint: the number is above 50 and below 52
And that was just New York!

See how much I love you guys! I post ugly photos of me just for you, my lovely non-existent reader. taken by ouch magazine.

Sep 5, 2011

Reinvention Of the Modern Suit

"And there's doctors and lawyers,
And business executives,
And they're all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same."- Malvina Reynolds

First suit)

Velvet blazer from a thrift store
Silk scarf from a thrift store
Pants from Topshop
Shoes from nordstrum
Bag from a thrift store
Image taken by a street blogger. He emailed me the photo but hasn't responded to my email asking for the blog name. Totes not chill.

Second suit)

Velvet blazer from a thrift store
White button down from papa G(my dad)
Shoes from a Thrift store
Pants from Topshop
Bag is from Uniclo
Assortment of braclets

If I were to work in a bushiness place thingy majigy I would wear these types of suits. I mean obviously printed jeans aren't allowed at the work place... BUT STILL! THEY HAVE FLOWERS ON THEM <3

Sep 4, 2011

Having A Lim Moment at 1:35

So when insomnia hits you at1:40 in the morning there are many things you can do. Some people enjoy writing, others enjoy reading, I enjoy style.com. During these random and often annoying bouts of insomnia I tend to surf the Style.com collections page for designers who I haven't heard of. For example a few nights ago I found out about Dsquared and that was a moment to be sure.
Tonight though I re-discovered 3.1 Philp Lim. Lets just say i'm having a serious Lim moment right now. (The last ten words out of my mouth have been, and I qoute "OMG. THIS. IS. BANNAS. I. AM. HAVING. A. LIM. HEARTATACK.)
It started out simply; I clicked on the link and thought, "oh that's nice. Chic miniamlsim... WAIT, WAIT WHAT IS THAT THING HE IS DOING WITH THE LEATHER! I CAN'T EVEN!" And from there I was clicking away. I can't describe the feelings I was having, but I can paint a picture of my face.

Okay I promise to stop making Rachel Zoe references!
But anyway just look at these:

To be honest I feel bad about picking just a few photos from his entire work. To be honest each piece, even if sometimes they seem a little confused and over worked are beautiful. I recommend to anyone reading this please click this link and spend a little time. He's the best.

Can We Talk About Cool?

"You came into my heart
So tenderly
With a burning love
That stings like a bee"-The Supremes

Okay now that I have your attention can we talk about cool? If cool was to be defined as a physical object, I think it would find itself nicely packaged in a Christopher Kane collection. I mean maybe its my inner geeky self, (one who secretly looks at the stars and thinks of deep intellectual thoughts such as, "IS THERE LIFE OUT THERE?" or "WILL WE ONE DAY BE LOOKING BACK AT THE STARS... ON A DIFFERENT PLANET") or maybe it 's the fact that I have always had a deep and unbinding crush on anyone named Christopher but in this humble sixteen year old opnion, christopher kane is nothing less then the coolest dude ever.
First look at that asteriod galazy printed resort collection he did a little while back.

Ignoring the drag queen inspired, Carrie Bradshaw wearing shoes this resort collection was fantastic. Period. In the words of the holly style god Rachel Zoe, "I DIE!" Like, I want to think of intelligent witty comments about the beauty of these clothes but all I can think of is like. So... LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LOVE LIKE LIKE LIKE. God I sound like a pre-pubescent school girl waiting excitedly to get an autograph from J baby, or as he's known more widely Justin Bieber....

I need sleep... Goodnight interwebs. Keep yourself busy; stay away from naughty things!

Aug 31, 2011

Photo shoot

"Click, click, click, flash
(Ya, ya, ya beautiful baby) And the cameras go...
Click, click, click, flash
(Ya, ya, ya beautiful baby)"-Ciara

My friend Rachel, an aspiring photographer, (she also created my banner) consented to a photoshot with moi and here are the results! The outfits were quite rushed, however there of a higher quality then my usual stuff.

(Rachel. Isn't her covered face just so attractive? I mean look at those hands! PURE SEX!)

Romper from a thrift store
Blazer from the same thrift store
Boots from another thrift store
(Thrift stores and I are in a love affair. It's kind of an issue...)

Scarf is from H&M
Pants are from Topshop
Shirt is from H&M
Boots are from a thrift store
Jacket is Rachel's
Cardigan is from H&M

Button down is from my dad
Cardigan is from Topshop
Pants are from Topshop
Boots are from H&M

I apologize for the continuous stream of outfit posts, I know they can be a tad boring. Tomorrow I promise to blog about other aspects of fashion!

Aug 29, 2011


"When you look with your eyes
Everything seems nice
But if you look twice
you can see it's all lies" -Lilly Allen

Button down from my dad
Bow tie from a thrift store
Vest from a thrift store
Socks are self made.
Shoes from a thrift store
Tank top is from Zaras
T-shirt which I cut is from H&M
Shorts are from a thrift store
Had nothing better to do today so I decided to take some scissor and start cutting. Fun day yep.


My childhood consisted of Disney movies and building stuff. What were your childhoods like? Did any of you lovely readers watch Cinderella on repeat like I did? I swear by the time I was 8 I could recite the entire movie.
1)The Wizard Of Oz
4)My brother and I
5)Me as a youngin'