Sep 11, 2011

Guess Where I've Been

Besides the obvious, (IN FRONT OF THE TV WATCHING RACHEL ZOE, DUH!) I spent last weekend frolicking in the land of the fashionable, I.e FASHION FUCKING WEEK! OH MY GOD! but no really, the style outsider, in true outsider fashion decided that at fourteen, an old age for a fashionista, that it was time for fashion week. So two years later, and four seasons in I can say that fashion just keeps on getting... Chifonier?
The fashion shows I attended, (Jill Stuart, HONOR which really should be renamed to OHMYGODWHATISTHISSEXYNESSJESUS, and ADAM, which also should be renamed to ADAM LIPPES LET ME HAVE YOUR BABIES, and many more) were filled with chiffon, silk, pastels, and blown up granny florals that were reminiscent of an axe-murdering grandmother. Sexy. I love me some wrinkly ladie boners. And this was only at the tents!
Over in the land of Milk Studios the worlds youth bumped rears with fashion and it really shows. I want you to imagine neons, LOTS OF NEONS, in fact the number of neons present for the modern women is equal to the amount of scarves I have. Hint: the number is above 50 and below 52
And that was just New York!

See how much I love you guys! I post ugly photos of me just for you, my lovely non-existent reader. taken by ouch magazine.


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