Oct 15, 2011

Sexy Things To Do Sexy Things With... SEXY

Some items of sexual interest that you might want to know about:BOW TIES! That's right, wearing these material concoctions will instantly increase your boner capabilities! Think of all the underground wood you will create if you don these things! Sexy power person! Sexy Lawyer! Sexy fashion designer! GOD! The possibility of sexy is endless!
(ALSO ALBER ELBAZ IS A STUD. A beautiful, beautiful, beautiful stud that drapes like no ones business!)

If you're MIKA, you are sexy. Sorry other people, this really only extends to him... BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!

Some sexy Jeffery Campbell wedges! (STILL NOT OVER THE SEXY GRANDMA PATTERN! I WANT TO WEAR A COUCH ON MY FEET, OKAY!) And let’s not even get started on these astro galaxy fantasias! It's like a spaceman took some fun filled photos on his Polaroid camera up in space and made them into shoes. STUDLY.

Grey hair on younging's is SEXY! Period.

1 comment:

  1. i'm diggin your definition of sexy.
    some really really great fashion illustrations