Aug 31, 2011

Photo shoot

"Click, click, click, flash
(Ya, ya, ya beautiful baby) And the cameras go...
Click, click, click, flash
(Ya, ya, ya beautiful baby)"-Ciara

My friend Rachel, an aspiring photographer, (she also created my banner) consented to a photoshot with moi and here are the results! The outfits were quite rushed, however there of a higher quality then my usual stuff.

(Rachel. Isn't her covered face just so attractive? I mean look at those hands! PURE SEX!)

Romper from a thrift store
Blazer from the same thrift store
Boots from another thrift store
(Thrift stores and I are in a love affair. It's kind of an issue...)

Scarf is from H&M
Pants are from Topshop
Shirt is from H&M
Boots are from a thrift store
Jacket is Rachel's
Cardigan is from H&M

Button down is from my dad
Cardigan is from Topshop
Pants are from Topshop
Boots are from H&M

I apologize for the continuous stream of outfit posts, I know they can be a tad boring. Tomorrow I promise to blog about other aspects of fashion!

Aug 29, 2011


"When you look with your eyes
Everything seems nice
But if you look twice
you can see it's all lies" -Lilly Allen

Button down from my dad
Bow tie from a thrift store
Vest from a thrift store
Socks are self made.
Shoes from a thrift store
Tank top is from Zaras
T-shirt which I cut is from H&M
Shorts are from a thrift store
Had nothing better to do today so I decided to take some scissor and start cutting. Fun day yep.


My childhood consisted of Disney movies and building stuff. What were your childhoods like? Did any of you lovely readers watch Cinderella on repeat like I did? I swear by the time I was 8 I could recite the entire movie.
1)The Wizard Of Oz
4)My brother and I
5)Me as a youngin'

Aug 28, 2011

Teal Sprinkled With Brown

Slip from H&M
Romper from a thrift store
Shoes from a thrift store
Necklace from Forever 21
Inspired by Van Morison. I imagine that his 'girl' was dressed in pastels and warm colors. (This is obviously a love declaration to Van Morison! LOVE YOU VM!)
P.s The romper and I are in a steamy love affair. I think it might be getting serious, (i'm thinking of proposing).

It's raining... BOOTS!

1)Nancy Sinatra
2)Thrift store boots
3)Forever 21 boots
4)Thrift store boots
5)Marc Jacobs rain boots
5)Jeffery Campbell Wedge boots (zoes)

Aug 27, 2011


"Gimme head with hair
Long beautiful hair
Shining, gleaming,
Streaming, flaxen, waxen"-Hair the musical

As a member of the jewish nation I sadly have to deal with the 'Jewish Hair Gene." What I’m talking about is of course the always attractive, always in style, always chic: JEW FRO!

As you can see here we have fine specimen of the “Jew Fro” gene. Though not as excessive as some , Andy Samberg (that man from Lonely Island. You know! That band that did that song about a man who always seemed to find himself with stained pants...) represents a man who takes his Jew fro by the roots and makes it work. An inspiration to all men with this problem.
Now to those who don't believe me here's the evidence... DRUM ROLL PLEASE...

So to deal with this issue I have tried many things. I have cut it short, grown it out, I even straightened it for the love of baby jesus! However each time it ends up looking like a sad midget who just happened to take a nap on my head. So I have decided that I'll work my “Jew Fro”, except that instead of having it as a dark brown i'm going to go for a bold new color!
Maybe even Salmon!
Regardless I have one last thing to show you people. I was just given a gift by a friend that I see no other way to show you guys then in a video!

The things I do for humor. The wigs name is Trash.

Aug 25, 2011

Just A Little Prancing

Today I stayed in bed and watched project runway... JK! But no really that's all I did. At some point some friends came over and forced my little lazy butt out of bed. They promised prancing and photos; and by golly photos were taken!

Just a simple outfit.
Tank top from Zara
Scarf from American Apparel. P.S If you, yes you, are reading this and STILL in 2011 fail to own an American Apparel circle scarf then I DEMAND you get off your ass and buy one! There an investment like no other!
Cardigan from H&M
Blazer from UDELCO <3
Leggings from Forever 21
Bag from UDELCO <3
Shoes from Forever 21

On a tractor, lookin' artsy. Some cowboy class in New Jersey.

Some fancy filters to add some more hipstery artsy vibes.

And lastly, to end this post I'll just strut away.

Aug 24, 2011

Jeffery Campbell Wedges

The new purchase of today... Gotta be honest i'm totally obsessed!

Aug 23, 2011

Floral and cowboy boots... You say unclassy, I say SASSY!

Blazer: My new obsession! Black velvet blazer from Udelco (THE WORLD'S GREATEST THRIFT STORE!)
Pants: Topshop.
Shoes: Cowboy boots from Udelco.
Scarf: Stolen from a friend.

I was feeling a little moody so I decided to go for a cowboy-floral-velvet-fun time-funeral outfit. If I was to die today, I would want to be buried in this.