Oct 12, 2011

GURL! YEAH YOU GURL! It's cold...

My baby Jesus mother winter is coming early this year! What is a style outsider do to? (I mean come on sweaters, SO mainstream!) My go-to winter outfit is a coat... BELTED! Ground breaking, I know. However, if you really want to add some outsider-ness into your look get a bejweled sweeter! Preferably one from the 80's! The sex appeal! Instant boner right there. (The boner will defiantly intensify if you have the jewels on your chest area... OKAY boobs! Happy? Jeez! You're so demanding your perverted interwebz monsters.)

This photo reads, "My baby Jesus, it's cold in this room! 80 degrees? FREEZING! Better cover myself up in a thrifted coat!" It also reads, "JEEZ DOES THIS KID EVER CLEAN HIS ROOM?" The answer to that question is no. NEVER! NEVER I SAY!

Ya like those man boobs? WELL YOU SHOULDN'T! I'm underage! You wonderful pedophile you, (so going to lose all my readers after this post)

Some fun details for you to feast your fashion starved eyes on! DETAIL ORGY RIGHT HERE!

My mom's reaction to my fun loving shoe choice:
"Yes mumzy?"
"Cowboy boots do not work with that outfit!"
"But mom! I need to recreate brokeback mountain!"
"Sigh... Whatever, get out of here you badazled homosexual genie."
Even more schmexy detail orgys. Look at all those sparkles... SPARKLES!

P.s all thrifted items.

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  1. love your embroidered top
    so cute, nice look