Sep 29, 2011

Gareth Pugh and I are in a steamy hot love affair

But no seriously. Have you ever wanted to date a designer? Like, not in the nice friendly way but more in like the Yo-dawg-lets-have-hot-steamy-love kinda way? Well if not... Um... Ummmm.... Okay moving on, Gareth Pugh's(GOD's) spring 2012 collection is like sex. Sometimes it causes diseases, but it's fun up until that point! And continuing with that sex analogy this collection screams desperate hoe. The hoe being me, and the men who I do nasty things to are the clothes. (I HOPE GP, oh yeah abbreviating, NEVER READS THIS!)
Maybe it's not as dramatic before, (unless you count the fact that these girls strutted their stuff with their FREAKING boob's and vagina's showing, under the leather rib working of course) but it's still quentisetial Gareth Pugh. His girl, a glamazon with a dark warrior edge always inspires, sometimes confuses, but without fail provides a constant source of inspiration. Gotta be honest, I have a little man boner for Gareth Pugh and his clothes. ESSPECIALLY HIS SHOES! OH GOD THESE SEXY SHOES!

If it wasn't for my non-existent source of income I would without a doubt buy these sex mongers. My feet would be having serious toe gasms if I wore them.
And lastly, for the girl (and me) who can't wear this outfit,

due to the nudity 'issue' I think the best bet would be to combine, and bear with me a black button down. The contrast between the super charged Beyonce warrior and the masculinity of a simple button down would be striking! Or ugly... Who knows!
Goodnight interwebz.


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