Oct 8, 2011

Erik Likes Sarcasm

Warning: Erik has not slept in twenty four hours= terrible humor.

What have we learned from these videos? Well okay,
firstly WEED (or Mary Jane if your a fancy person) will cause incest!!!!!!!! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! Also... don't drive high! Yep, protecting the young. Go me.
Unicornx2, yeah that's right, i'm making words to count with! What? You don't do that, oh... Well you should! Building ramps will cause homosexuality.... SEXY! Ya know you want to get your best mate and make some sweet same-sex love!
Thirdly , dancing causes steamy hot make out sessions! (wait till the end to see their fun filled lip-locking session. Or you can skip to that part... BUT THEN YOU'D BE CHEATING YOU POOP!) Ya hear that you sexually frustrated teenagers, get your CRUSH to dance with you and boom! BABIES! Fun.
Fourthly, Beyonce is preggers! But then she's not... REVERSED PREGNANCY IS ONLY POSSIBLE IN NEON COLORS!
Fifthly, Cholas once ran for president... YOU GO GURLS! YOU WEAR THAT SEXY WHITE EYE LINER!
Goodnight lovely interwebers, and mom.

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