Sep 30, 2011

Frida Giannini is obviously my home gurl

Hi, I'm The Style Outsider, you my readers i.e Mom might not know this but i'm sixteen, (mom i hope you know i'm sixteen) so as such my source of income is the money behind our family's living room couch. Penney love anyone?
Anydittle, due to this fact my clothing budget does not have enough coins to support a purchase from this seasons Gucci collection... BUT MAYBE YOU LOVELY READERS COULD BUY SOME STUFF AND SEND ME PICTURES SO I CAN FEEL JEALOUS? (Not product placement, I swear! Really. I just like living vicariously through people on the internet.)
This season, Gucci's head designer, Frida Giannini decided that art deco was the happening thing and created a collection that was simply drop dead gorgeous. But not even that, it was more like what happens when a panda runs away from a zoo and goes to New York and becomes president of the world! You know? Yep. Of course you do! You think about these things all the time.

Don't ya just love Style.Com's detail's section? Cause gurl, ya kow I do! Oh Lawdy!


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