Aug 31, 2011

Photo shoot

"Click, click, click, flash
(Ya, ya, ya beautiful baby) And the cameras go...
Click, click, click, flash
(Ya, ya, ya beautiful baby)"-Ciara

My friend Rachel, an aspiring photographer, (she also created my banner) consented to a photoshot with moi and here are the results! The outfits were quite rushed, however there of a higher quality then my usual stuff.

(Rachel. Isn't her covered face just so attractive? I mean look at those hands! PURE SEX!)

Romper from a thrift store
Blazer from the same thrift store
Boots from another thrift store
(Thrift stores and I are in a love affair. It's kind of an issue...)

Scarf is from H&M
Pants are from Topshop
Shirt is from H&M
Boots are from a thrift store
Jacket is Rachel's
Cardigan is from H&M

Button down is from my dad
Cardigan is from Topshop
Pants are from Topshop
Boots are from H&M

I apologize for the continuous stream of outfit posts, I know they can be a tad boring. Tomorrow I promise to blog about other aspects of fashion!


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