Sep 4, 2011

Having A Lim Moment at 1:35

So when insomnia hits you at1:40 in the morning there are many things you can do. Some people enjoy writing, others enjoy reading, I enjoy During these random and often annoying bouts of insomnia I tend to surf the collections page for designers who I haven't heard of. For example a few nights ago I found out about Dsquared and that was a moment to be sure.
Tonight though I re-discovered 3.1 Philp Lim. Lets just say i'm having a serious Lim moment right now. (The last ten words out of my mouth have been, and I qoute "OMG. THIS. IS. BANNAS. I. AM. HAVING. A. LIM. HEARTATACK.)
It started out simply; I clicked on the link and thought, "oh that's nice. Chic miniamlsim... WAIT, WAIT WHAT IS THAT THING HE IS DOING WITH THE LEATHER! I CAN'T EVEN!" And from there I was clicking away. I can't describe the feelings I was having, but I can paint a picture of my face.

Okay I promise to stop making Rachel Zoe references!
But anyway just look at these:

To be honest I feel bad about picking just a few photos from his entire work. To be honest each piece, even if sometimes they seem a little confused and over worked are beautiful. I recommend to anyone reading this please click this link and spend a little time. He's the best.


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