Aug 27, 2011


"Gimme head with hair
Long beautiful hair
Shining, gleaming,
Streaming, flaxen, waxen"-Hair the musical

As a member of the jewish nation I sadly have to deal with the 'Jewish Hair Gene." What I’m talking about is of course the always attractive, always in style, always chic: JEW FRO!

As you can see here we have fine specimen of the “Jew Fro” gene. Though not as excessive as some , Andy Samberg (that man from Lonely Island. You know! That band that did that song about a man who always seemed to find himself with stained pants...) represents a man who takes his Jew fro by the roots and makes it work. An inspiration to all men with this problem.
Now to those who don't believe me here's the evidence... DRUM ROLL PLEASE...

So to deal with this issue I have tried many things. I have cut it short, grown it out, I even straightened it for the love of baby jesus! However each time it ends up looking like a sad midget who just happened to take a nap on my head. So I have decided that I'll work my “Jew Fro”, except that instead of having it as a dark brown i'm going to go for a bold new color!
Maybe even Salmon!
Regardless I have one last thing to show you people. I was just given a gift by a friend that I see no other way to show you guys then in a video!

The things I do for humor. The wigs name is Trash.


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