Sep 28, 2010

The promise

I started this blog about a month ago (on tumbler) and it was born out of a need to write. Write what? Well fashion. To create, to make, to just talk about fashion as a whole. Where I live its repressive, hetronormative would be a proper word to describe it. The ideal man, masculine, strong,handsome, fashion-less. The ideal women, Feminine, stylish, sexy, dumb. I'm a mixture of those two. I don't prescribe to a social construct, gender. I believe in the mixture of fashion, the gender-less view. A world where the idea of man and women doesn't exist. It's just clothes. Fashionable clothes. Sexy clothes. Wonderful clothes. BLACK clothes!
But lately this view, a view untainted by the world around me has started to collapse. Social pressure, within my family, and the setting in which I live have destroyed my idealistic goth like world. A fantasy, which by the waring of man wedges, toppled over.
So now where am I? I'm siting in my room, staring at this photo, a photo of a group of wonderfully dressed people. Each one representing in a way or another, my style, my fashion, who I am.

So here I am, and there is only way I can go. Forward. So today, right now, starts this blog. The style outsider, a blog about the gender-less fashion view. A blog about what happens when you stray from color, what happens, when you meet black. It'll take a while for my style to grow and form. But in that time, it will be a journey. A journey in to a world of Rick Owens, GARETH PUGH, Acne, Dior, Comme Des Garcons, RODARTE, ect. A world full of designers, style Icons, Gareth Pugh, fantastic clothes, Gareth Pugh, ect. Gareth Pugh. Goodnight!

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  1. never stop! go forward :D
    i just bumped into your blog! love it!

    ciao ciao from rome