Sep 18, 2010

A Needed Pick Me Up

The last few days of my life have been hard. It was the first week of school, I got no sleep and as a whole and I just miss summer. I miss the warmth of the sun, the summer breeze, and sleep! Oh sleep, how I miss you!
So in my own need for mental and physical sanity I decided to do the one thing that always makes me happy... What is that you ask? Well its simply me making a nice cup of hot chocolate and looking at Gareth Pugh. (In my opinion, one of the greatest designers of our time)
Gareth Pugh, an England native, creates more then a collection, he creates art. He takes simple cloth and creates new and entirely groundbreaking garments. Gareth creates shapes, textures, and fabrics that in gray, black, and white create more emotional depth then any thing I have ever seen before. He along with Alexander McQueen (may he rest in piece), Rodarte (Oh the beauty that is Rodarte), and Rick Owens (No explanation needed) define my own little style world.
All in all, at the end of a long day, tired, restless, and usually sad and annoyed its nice to come home and stare at Gareth Pugh's aw inspiring collections.
I had been attempting to pick a collection to show, or one picture, but I can't. There all to fantastic, so here are is a lookbook esc video showing his recent fall winter 2010 collection. So much leather so little time. (also if you are against the showing of boobies, you might not want to click.... Just putting that out there now).


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