Mar 18, 2011

The dream of a questionably insane boy

Dearest reader, if you, yes you, still exist after my months and months of absence I have a dream to tell you. It's a simple on, not to obnoxious, not to complicated, but all around lovely. My fantasy is to be at a ripe of 20... and at that age, on the day of my birthday, finally purchase a pair of shoes from a brand I have lusted over for quite some time. This shoe, the special shoe, will be a finsk wedge (if they still sell them in a few years).
Simple and chic should be the tag phrase of these retro shoes. So in honor of my new found love I wrote a poem, it's not very good... But it's to the point.
Oh Finsk, Oh Finsk
How the sweet the sound
those heels make against a marble ground
Oh! how I could wear them to a meeting, a meeting deciding the future of my life
Oh! How I could wear them to a night on the town, with very little else to hide them from everyone's sight,
Oh! Oh! Oh! Finsk, not to be shamelessly proclaiming my love, but dear young Finsk
May I ask? Will you be my beloved, soon to be betrothed.
I promise a good marriage
I will treat you right
I promise no scoffing, or hurting will every befall your lovely face....
So I beseech, dear young Finsk, please.... MARRY ME?!

.... Oh the fun things a fifteen year old boy does late at night. Regardless of that blurb of shamelesss love, I bid you my readers, (hopefully you still exist) a good night! Expect a return of the style outsider! One which will blow your socks off! And possibly your shoes... Right INTO MY HOUSE! HEHEHEHEHE. Goodnight!


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